The Lipids Group of the SCI (Society of Chemical Industry) Conference - London, 16-17 November 2015

The Lipids Group of the SCI (Society of Chemical Industry) in London, England have asked us to forward to you the following notification of their forthcoming conference in November this year.
Lipids, usually as fats,  typically represent over one third of our dietary intake on the basis of energy content and are often perceived by the general public as having a rather negative effect on our nutritional health and well-being.

This conference will seek to explore the scientific basis behind the many beliefs, myths and paradigms that have come about in the last half century relating to lipid consumption and their effect on health. It will explore the key beneficial contributions that some minor fatty acids, present at relatively low levels in the typical European diet, make to human development and health maintenance and how dietary intake of these might be increased.

Join us at this event, taking place on Monday 16th – Tuesday 17th November 2015 at SCI, London. To register for the event and for full programme details visit: