President Elect and Board of Directors Election Results (Updated)

ISSFAL President Elect and Board of Directors Election Results Announced

 (This press release was updated on April 2, 2012 to reflect the omission of William Harris and Clemens Von Schacky who were not listed in the original press release in March)

Many thanks to those that took part in the recent elections for the post of President Elect and also positions on the Board of Directors. The benefits of the electronic ballot system were again seen with  its ease of use resulting in a high percentage of members voting.

The new President Elect, taking up the position from April 1st , will be Tom Brenna, from Cornell University  – many congratulations to him and commiserations to Jan Glatz who I am sure will continue to play an active role in the Society going forward.

Elected to the Board were:

    •    Professor Bert Koletzko, University of Munich, Germany

    •    Dr. William Harris, University of South Dakota, United States of America

    •    Dr Maria Makrides, Women and Childrens Health Research Institute, Adelaide, Australia

    •    Professor Toru Moriguchi, Ph. D, Azabu University, Japan

    •    Professor Andrew Sinclair, Deakin University, Australia

    •    Clemens Von Schacky, University of Munich, Germany

We welcome them to the Board and at the same time thank all that took part in the election. Again, the new/re-elected  Board members will take up their positions from the 1st April 2012.