Board Candidate Statements 2017


The following individuals are standing for election for the ISSFAL Board of Directors.  Those denoted with * indicates that they are standing for re-election to serve a second term.

Samar Basu

Barbara Meyer*

Chris Ramsden*

Marius Smuts*

Hope Weiler

Please contact ISSFAL with any questions.


As of March this year, we have three members of the ISSFAL Board of Directors stepping down and these positions will be filled by way of this secret ballot of all members.

Barbara Meyer, Chris Ramsden and Marius Smuts have all served just one term of office and are standing for re-election for a second term. 

Hope Weiler and Samar Basu have not served previously on the ISSFAL Board and are standing for election for the first time. 

We wish all candidates the best of luck in the election.

Members in good standing are sent a link by email.  Voting will close on February 3 and results announced shortly thereafter.